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Corey's Consulting is dedicated to creating quality IT architectures to provide scalable, reliable, and robust solutions for practically any application. Through out-of-the-box thinking, and the understanding that anything is possible, I am able to deliver high quality integrated systems for a wide variety of markets.


Quality is oftentimes hard to describe, much less define, but it is a pervasive indicator we all use to describe systems and software we love or hate. In business, it all boils down to this: Does the software make your job easier, your business more profitable, or your life less stressful? This is how I measure the success of systems I create or with which I am involved. The value you get from technology is directly related to its ability to satisfy your expectations of quality and cost.

     Areas of Focus     

While my specialty is server programming, I am also very skilled in creating usable, easy to learn user interface applications, both in desktop and internet/intranet paradigms. I am an overall software architect, able to contribute to practically any layer of application design: installing operating systems, task distribution schemes, database schema design, design pattern selection, testing procedures, documentation creation, network configuration, hosting and security services, cloud computing resources, disaster recovery, and coding.


Experienced in memory-constrained as well as enterprise systems, I have been involved in creating cost-effective solutions for business issues in a variety of industries ranging from customer point-of-sale systems to enterprise systems housed in state-of-the-art data centers. I see solutions where others see insurmountable problems.

     Sample Projects     

I've designed these sample projects with several factors in mind, including showcasing my capabilities, ease of installation where applicable, and most importantly of all, ease of understanding by someone who understands the technology involved. Projects may be replaced by better representatives or removed altogether as needed.

     Contact Us     

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