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The Importance of The Long Haul
It is said that 80% of the cost of software happens after it's finished. This is especially true with modern technologies; it's easier and quicker to create a product than it is to maintain it several years down the road. If you're a company who wants a software solution that can last many years without being replaced, and at the same time you need it to be improved to keep up with how your business changes, then you should definitely keep the 80/20 rule in mind when you are looking for someone to do the job.

I like to provide options with regards to system maintenance. I can help with maintenance, but I have no problem with handing off maintanence responsibilities to someone else of your choosing. This sort of hand-off is possible through good documentation, well written programs, knowledge transfer, and availability for questions later on; this is what I provide.

All of my projects are designed so that someone else can work on them; you may realize a better value by not retaining my services long term, and I'm fine with that. My goal is to help your business to prosper.
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