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"The information technology business is the most interesting business to be a part of. Innovation is going to create opportunities for all of us in the years ahead."

- Bill Gates, Speech at Comdex 2002

Practically all of the projects of any significance on which I've worked are owned by my former and current employers, so it is not an easy task to show anything that is very impressive. However, there are some projects I've done on my own for research purposes and some projects that were never deployed and I have permission to use, so with these you can get a sample of some of my work.

Different technologies have different niches; a project that showcases C code in a library/DLL is quite different than a project that showcases a desktop GUI written in RealBasic. So much thought went into presenting each project in a manner that someone familiar with the technology might get some value out of it. For example, the Amazon S3 scripts that showcase my PHP code are designed to be used by someone who needs this in their own system.

All of the projects have been trimmed down and simplified in order to prevent the reader from being overwhelmed, and also because some of them were originally coupled with a larger application, and de-coupling them left an almost trivial project.

The intent of this section is to provide some examples of what I can do, not just from a coding perspective, but also from a explanation and presentation perspective. I am always open to suggestions, either of where I can explain something better or how my systems may be improved. I have no ego in this; if I cannot explain why my solution is the best, I should not be presenting it.

It is said that you can either work on demos or you can work on the real thing; most of my time is spent working on the real thing for clients. As a result, the number of sample projects will grow as I continue learning new technologies and developing new ideas, but I must limit myself to one sample project per technology where applicable, and not all things lend themselves to this. For example, this website is an excellent example of an Apache project, but it isn't usable as an example in this section.

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