Professional Software Consulting
Realistic Expectations
I will try to fully understand the problem you're trying to solve. Poorly understood problems result in expensive and overly-complex solutions.

If I believe that I cannot help you, I will tell you. I have no interest in selling you services you don't need or creating a product that doesn't help you.

I will be up-front regarding price, and will immediately inform you if I believe this will change at any point during the project.

I will deliver what I promise in a timely manner, and I will communicate about any delays as soon as I know about them. I respect your time and I will not abuse your schedule.

I will tell you honestly the pros and cons of the choices I see, even ones that might result in your not needing my services anymore. My goal is to help your business grow, period.

I will support whatever I create; I'm not a fly-by-night operation who wants to quickly make something and then disappear. I will be there to help you as your business needs change.
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